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Once Upon A Time

at Temple University, there were two bright and mega creative girls. Lisa made a name for herself by delivering top of the line, well executed, uber polished creative tangibles; while Kat pushed boundaries with her knack for the unexpected and non-traditional. One day, as fate would have it, they were given the opportunity to merge their talents in the most integral class – campaigns! There they joined forces to create the most innovative campaign, sweeping the competition away.

Shortly after graduating in 2007, they created Blu Echo Design. They knew that they were creative, driven and focused enough to create a boutique agency that has serviced an array of industries large and small.

Their talent & ambition is the driving force behind Blu Echo Design’s success and the success of many other businesses that seek out their creative expertise. Today Blu Echo Design is an award-winning boutique agency that operates in Philadelphia & Los Angeles – with strong clientele throughout the country.

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