1) Our Wilma (all white & old!)
We adopted Wilma 10 years ago as a tiny baby from the Ross Mill Farm Rescue in Wycombe PA. Wilma is a very vocal pig and makes it knows what she wants by her varied grunts and groans. You can find her sleeping by the fireplace in the wintertime or snuggled up on the couch with Dave. Wilma has had 2 television appearances: She appeared on Good Morning America with Dakota FAnning in NYC for an interview about Charlotte’s Web as a piglet. Just a few years ago, she was on Spoiled Rotten Pets, Episode 1 with Beth Stern. Wilma is getting older now and having some trouble seeing, but she certainly never misses a meal!

2) Other Wilma (black & White)
Wilma is a foster pig that we have had about one month. We got her from the Ross Mill Farm in Wycombe, PA. She is very sweet & shy. She likes to lick your feet and jump up on you for attention.

3) Kali Lu (all black)
Kali is a foster piglet that we have had for about 3 months. We got her from the Ross Mill Farm in Wycombe, PA. She has certainly stolen our hears with her charming personality. The first day she was in our home, she jumped up onto the couch and snuggled in and made herself right at home.  From that day on, she sleeps on the couch every night. When her name is called, Kali comes running full speed across the lawn while grunting. Kali does not have much patience when she is hungry and makes herself heard by screaming loudly. She also does this if she is in need of some cuddling attention. She loves all people and runs to greet all of our guests.  Kali loves to fill her belly with any food she can get hold of.

4) Thumper
Thumper was adopted by us 1 year ago from Keystone Exotics, a breeder in Sunbury, PA.  He suffered for the 1st 6 months of his life with mange and was treated with antibiotics. Thumper forged through it and is now a very healthy, energetic skunk.  He sleeps all day and runs through the house all night, running up and down onto my bed and often greeting me with an eskimo kiss. Thumper uses a litter box and acts much like a cat in other ways also.  He enjoys kicking balls and toys around the house and makes a bed out of anything that he can find that is soft and warm (sponge mop, couch stuffing, insulation).  He likes to chase me around the house and plays hide and seek.  Thumper eats a diet high in protein and dairy.  He especially loves red meat, nuts and yogurt.  He eats a cup of yogurt every day and then cleans himself with his tongue to make sure there is no more yogurt on his luxurious, silky coat.  He loves his lower back scratched, but does not like to be picked up off of the floor.  Thumper is alot of fun to have around that house.