Need more business but on a tight budget?
Flyers & posters can be a highly effective, low cost marketing tool for advertising your business! While other local companies are foraging the digital landscape for new leads, your company has an opportunity to stand out in the real world. So get off your tush & start posting that creative & eye-catching poster you are about to hire Blu Echo Design to make for your business!

So Where Should You Post?
•  Community Message Boards
•  Libraries
•  Community Centers
•  Grocery Stores
•  Coffee Houses
•  Churches & Synagogues
•  Anywhere that people gather!

Our Top 5 Insider TIPS:
1. Use these 4 Magic Marketing Words: You, Free, New or Guaranteed to increase sales.
2. Presentation Counts: Create compelling content with bold images to grab your audiences’ attention.
3. Include tear-offs on the bottom of your flyers that include your contact info.
4. Remember to include a powerful Call-to-Action. Use words like “Now” to motivate a quick response.
5. Use Specials/Discounts with a validity date as an incentive.


Turn your flyer into a web banner or social media cover.

Zikoski Banner AD 300X250 2

Zikoski Flex Spending FB Cover Sunglasses