Want to know what it’s like to work on a web design project with us?  Our web process is the foundation for managing expectations while maximizing production time. We believe that the more you understand our process, the more effortlessly we can work together to launch your online business presence!

Step 1: Laying the Groundwork: This is where we do basic information gathering.  You fill out our creative brief, we draft a wireframe, put together a proposal & discuss deadlines.

Step 2: Research: We don’t gamble with your business. We collect data. We ask a series of targeted questions designed to provide insight into your communication objectives: including, how you want your company to be perceived & how you expect your website to perform. Next, we cross reference your ideas with your competition. We then analyze our findings in order to innovate a compelling point of differentiation for your company.

Step 3: Initial Designs (2 options, 2 weeks): Unlike other companies, we put 110% into our first round of designs. Why? Because we did our information gathering & have a solid understanding of what is going to sell your service or product. You can expect the first round to be polished, detail oriented and content rich.

Step 4: Review & Revise (up to 3 rounds): We take your feedback seriously. Whether it is a few simple tweaks or a complete re-do, our goal is to make you fall madly in love with your site. We will send you an updated version of your website in a timely fashion. Once you approve a homepage design, we will construct an interior page for your review & approval.

Step 5: Construction Time (3-6 weeks): You have signed off on the design & sent us your final copy. Our programming team is diligently turning those static pretty pictures into a functioning website, complete with clicks, roll-overs, contact forms & awesomeness.

Step 6: Troubleshooting: We critically assess the functionality of your site internally. Once it exceeds our expectations, we will send you a fully functioning test link.

Step 7: Final Approval: Once your site is perfect, you will sign off on it.

Step 8: Go Live: Woo Hoo!! Woo Hoo Hoo!!

Step 9: Training: We walk you through how to manage your own website. We show you your analytics reports. For major edits or stuff you don’t have time to get to, we encourage you to contact our support team.

Step 10: This is not Goodbye!: We are old buddies now & we will say hi from time to time to make sure you are thrilled with your site. We keep an eye on your analytics for the first three months to make sure that your site is being indexed in Google correctly & that those call-to-actions we so carefully crafted are getting clicked.

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